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The Case Method for Leaders

This new initiative is like Harvard Business School meets group therapy for leaders.


The Case Method is a powerful way to step into the shoes of leaders who must make very difficult decisions and deal with the consequences, the stress, and the anxiety.



  • A unique program developed by former top-tier business school professors and executive coaches.

  • Participants see - and actually feel - what it's like to make extremely tough leadership decisions.

  • Rising star leaders develop personal strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, and burnout.

  • Individuals better understand their own hidden baggage and how others really see them.

  • Corporate sponsors create a safe space for their talent to talk about the challenges of leadership

Who Should Participate

  • Up-and-coming leaders - facing stress and anxiety

  • Three hours per month time commitment 


Original Case Studies

Our team of former Harvard Business School case writers prepare original content on the actual leadership challenges faced by our participants.  

  • Giving tough feedback - or even firing - friends and colleagues.

  • Delegating and trusting others with important projects.

  • Voicing an unpopular point of view in a room full of people.

  • Feeling like a fraud or an imposter.

  • Dealing with rejection - during a client pitch or fund raising.

  • Learning how and when to be vulnerable and still retain power.


Safe Space Case Discussions

Each month participants join highly interactive, professionally moderated case discussions. And yes, the experience can be frightening - 'cold calls' are common and participants must be ready to share their imperfections and vulnerabilities with the larger group.  Emerging leaders are forced to slow down, reflect, and learn from each other, a rare opportunity in these unpredictable times.


Deep Dive Coaching

Our team of coaches gives participants feedback on their specific leadership challenge, helping them develop a plan to build soft skills like resilience and emotional intelligence.


Support Group

Participants build a a robust network of rising star leaders and executive coaches - with diverse points of view and novel experiences - who can be called upon as a sounding board and to provide practical solutions and emotional support during tough times.

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