Imperfect Leaders Presents
- The Leadership Forge -

The Forge is a new leadership development initiative for high-potential talent in fast growing companies.  The Forge is kind of like Harvard Business School meets group therapy for leaders, drawing upon a unique mix of executive coaching, original case studies, leadership assessment, and case discussions.

Original Case Studies

Case Discussions

Peer Feedback

Our team of former Harvard Business School case writers prepare original content on VC- backed senior executives - focusing  on their most intense and educational leadership challenges - like an embarrassing failure that helped build resilience and feeling like a fraud but ultimately overcoming the imposter syndrome.

Every month, we virtually host and professionally moderate small group discussions.  Emerging leaders share their unique perspectives - and discuss in a psychologically safe space - how they feel and how they learn new skills when confronting these crucible experiences.


Participants get honest, real-time feedback during group discussions.  Participants discover they're not alone confronting leadership challenges, and learn how to identify and manage uncomfortable emotions, hidden baggage, and blind spots. 

Executive Coaching

Our coaches help participants process raw emotions and better understand how crucible experiences can help build leadership soft skills - like resilience, judgment and emotional intelligence. Participants create a personal leadership development plan.  

Support Network

Participants build a a powerful network of rising star leaders - across the country - who act as a sounding board and provide practical solutions and emotional support during tough times.